fredag, 25. oktober 2019, Sentralen, disguise Open House Tour - Oslo

fra 25. oktober 2019 - 10:00 inntil 17:00


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Join us at our upcoming open house in Oslo.
Discover how the disguise 3D software platform can be used to explore designs, present concepts, sequence shows, and deliver the most complex designs with ease.
Demo’s will include the latest r16 release, which has support for 10-bit and HDR to create the highest quality video, and improved workflows for their projection toolkit and new workflows for Augmented Reality.
We will also be showing the latest of our high performance hardware: the award-winning vx 4, which has been engineered to play back video at the highest quality and resolution possible; the gx 2c which combines unparalleled output and processing power, allowing creatives to build environments with more particles, effects and richer scenes at higher resolutions and smoother frame rates.
Also hear from industry expert Eric Holmberg from Bild Studios about recent projects, the challenges they ****, and how disguise helps to overcome them. 

disguise Open House Tour - Oslo, Sentralen begivenhet

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