fredag, 13. september 2019, The Tiger, Oslo Tour: European Green Capital 2019

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The Tiger

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Join the 10 000 step walking tour full of sustainable inspiration and hidden gems! Discover Oslo from other perspectives and learn why Oslo became one of the best cities for people. The tour is led through the vivid Bjørvika quarter along such dominants as Oslo Opera House, Sørenga, Losæter community garden, the ruins of Old Oslo and the most culturally diverse district - Grønland. The journey then continues along the river Akerselva which offers a great escape from the rush of the capital and is at the same time the cradle of Oslo underground culture, and finishes in Vulkan area, the so-called Oslo's "sustainable laboratory" with guided traditional Norwegian food tasting that offers a unique possibility to try a broad selection of traditional Norwegian food, such as different type of cheeses, cured sausages, reindeer, whale, salmon, lingonberries, flatbread, and more. The tasting session is info: - The tour is limited to 20 people and is guided in English- The tasting session is included in the tour price and is followed by 20 minutes of storytelling.- We will meet in front of the Østbanehallen, at the end of the Tiger's tale!- The tour is suitable for children, seniors, and it's wheelchair-friendly- The tour needs to be booked at least 24 hours before. Please read the cancellation policy while booking.

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