onsdag, 27. november 2019, Designit Oslo, CPE: Design Leadership OSL November 27-28, 2019

fra 27. november 2019 - 10:00
inntil 28. november 2019 - 16:00

Designit Oslo

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Design Leadership

Increase your influence and inspire your team toward a shared vision.
Powerful designers lead the charge toward a shared vision. Whether you’ve been managing a team for one year or 20, this two-day intensive will level up your influence and impact. You’ll get practice with tools to help you strengthen your team and use that as a foundation to increase the impact of design across your organization. Then, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a leadership challenge so that when you return to work, you’ll have a strategic plan to improve relationships and drive better outcomes. 
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You’ll walk away knowing how to:

Identify your leadership values.

Empower and motivate the individuals on your team.

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Create a resilient culture to expand your team’s skills and influence. 

Improve communication and collaboration with stakeholders.

Use storytelling to increase the impact of design within your organization. 

Measure the ROI of key metrics to create visibility for the impact of design.

This course is ideal for:
Mid- and senior-level practitioners and managers who want to influence, inspire, and increase their team’s effectiveness.
The course will be taught in Norwegian or English depending on the group. You will be asked for your language-preference when buying your ticket. All materials are in English.

About Cooper Professional Education:
Cooper Professional Education is a team of educators within Designit that helps organizations adopt a human-centered approach to innovation. Through our global programs and courses, we offer the right mindset, methodology, and tools to build collaborative and creative cultures.
Our team formed in 2001 as a professional development initiative at Cooper, one of the first interaction design firms. Cooper was founded by Sue and Alan Cooper, a pioneer of the modern computing era who created the programming language Visual Basic. Methods like goal-directed design, design persona, and pair design were born in our offices, and we wrote industry-standard books on design practice like “About ****.”
In 2017, Cooper became part of Designit, a global strategic design firm that specializes in creating high-impact products, services, systems, and spaces that people love. Designit is a part of Wipro, one of the largest technology, consulting, and business companies in the world.
We’re thrilled to join our new global family and bundle our forces on a joint mission: helping companies innovate and transform. And as an integral team within Designit, we can now offer education by experienced teachers under a new name. Today, we offer education services in North America, South America, Europe, India, and Australia, and we’re excited to help even more people as we grow.

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Interested in more Cooper Professional Education courses and programs?
Find out more on our website: 

Cancellation Policy
We know things happen. If you need to cancel your registration, reach out to  at least 30 days prior and we’ll refund your full payment.
Fewer than 30 days prior to the course, refunds are not available. You can also choose to transfer your registration (you can only do this once) to another course within one year of the date of cancellation, or assign another individual from your organization to take your place. Once your registration is transferred, you may no longer receive a refund.

CPE: Design Leadership OSL November 27-28, 2019, Designit Oslo begivenhet

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