laurdag, 31. august 2019, Bygdøy allé 11, Full Weekend Book Writing Camp

fra 31. august 2019 - 12:00
inntil 01. september 2019 - 20:00

Bygdøy allé 11

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Do you have a book inside you waiting to be released into expression? I know many of you do, but feel stuck in how to structure your thoughts and actually get started!In this weekend workshop you will actively work after a step by step process to finish the structure of your book. 
What you can expect:

Finding the perfect title for your book. 
Finish the structure and the framework of your book to make the rest of the writing process flow easily.
Clarity over the publishing strategy for your book.  
A detailed plan after set timeline to have your book published after your specific goal.
One on one time to look at your spesific project. 

Why you should attend:

You have over time have been thinking about writing a book.
You want to get branded with a more in depth business card.
You feel intuitively that you have a message to share with the world and looking for the perfect way to get started.
You have already started a book project but struggle to go further in the process. 

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In the workshop you will have full focus on your own book project to get the heaviest part done. When you have this structure and framework in place the rest will be easy. After the first 8 hours you will be well on your way to make your author dream a reality, if you choose to 
Why would you like to write a book: 

You LOVE to write
You are ready to discover new parts of yourself
You have a professional-quality, ready-to-be shared
You feel the power of your story
You embrace the mantra, “nobody lives forever.”
You are empowered to reignite your passion.
You feel attached to be a pro author and belong to the 1% of the world that actually published a book
You`d love to tackle a new challenge.
You enjoy stimulating your intelligence to become smarter.
You are done making excuses and ready to just do it.
Because you can!

And you will! No more excuses. “The only difference between an author and anyone else is the fact that they wrote the book. They started.”
And so can YOU!
And I can´t wait to see your masterpice evolve and take form.
If you have any questions don`t hesitate to contact us on

Full Weekend Book Writing Camp, Bygdøy allé 11 begivenhet

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