tysdag, 15. desember 2020, TBA, Breakthrough Music Business Summit Oslo

fra 15. desember 2020 - 19:00 inntil 22:00


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This is just a pre-registration ticket. When the 20 tickets become available pre-registers will be notified 72 hours before the general public.
The Breakthrough Music Summit is for any artist that wants to have ultimate breakthrough in their career & life changing event with former A&R Director, music industry success coach, and music business strategist will not only be a roadmap to further your career but in one night you will be able to break through the limiting beliefs and habits that have caused roadblocks in you achieving ultimate success in the music industry that you desire and event is only available to the 20 artists that want to have breakthrough in their career. This won't be another boring conference or lecture. This is going to be a hands on meeting with the premier music business success and strategist coach Matthew Rix!
Matthew Rix introduction video on the Breakthrough Music Business Summit 
Matthew Rix has spent 20 years in the music industry in various job titles including being a senior A&R director, an A&R consultant, and regional promotions coordinator and for the past few years Matthew is the "go to" guy for artists. He's been called on to assist artist in the studio that are dealing with creative blocks (songwriting, artistic direction), negotiated record deals and his music business audio series "Mattrix Minute" had over 8.4 million sales and streams in 2014 alone from 38 different nations. Matthew's purpose with this event is taking your career from good to is not* Artist showcase*A&R audition*A mixerThis is for artists that want to find out how to take their career to the next level, whichever area that might be and receive the tools to achieve attendee will receive the following:*Entry into The Breakthrough Music Summit*Free copy of the soon to be released "7 Tips for unprecedented success" by Matthew Rix*One song submission to be featured on a special Mattrix Mixtape event compilation (And you get paid for every sale and stream on this compilation)*A private coach that will do follow up with you and help you with your compilation success.If you're ready for breakthrough then this summit is for you!

Breakthrough Music Business Summit Oslo, TBA begivenhet

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