sundag, 25. august 2019, Hertford, Gin on the River - 25th August 3.30pm-6.30pm - SAILING FROM HERTFORD, RETURN

fra 25. august 2019 - 15:30 inntil 18:30


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5As part of the Hertford Music Festival we are running a day of cruises - 3 full cruises and 2 one way mini cruises (return leg - morning and evening) The full cruises are our same tranquil 3 hour cruise down the River Lee (lea) however we are Starting from Hertford, heading towards Ware and returning to Hertford, Hertfordshire.
This ticket is a full Cruise.
Within this relaxed setting we will present 4 Gins for tasting, and we will discuss the story behind each one and what creates that Gin's unique taste and history, these will be provided as samples as we cruise towards Ware.
The final hour or so of the cruise on our return to Hertford will be the chance to try 2 of the 4 Gins of your choice in a signature G&T serve. (4 tasters and 2 Gin Cocktails) All drinks are served in our custom Gin glasses which are for patrons to keep as a souvenir.
We set off from the Pontoon By starbooks by Hertfords Bircherley Green Shopping Centre, we set sail at 3.30pm sharp and return at 6.30pm.
Food is not provided on the cruise, but there are some wonderul bars and pubs serving food in the High street.
Join us for a relaxed cruise sipping and learning a little more about Gins from around the UK and the world.
We set sail at 1530 and return at 1830.

Gin on the River - 25th August 3.30pm-6.30pm - SAILING FROM HERTFORD, RETURN , Hertford begivenhet

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