måndag, 13. mai 2019, University of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab, Video production for research and documentary (beginners)

fra 13. mai 2019 - 10:00 inntil 15:00

University of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab

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The Digital Humanities Lab is offering University of Exeter College of Humanities students and staff the opportunity to attend Video production training for research and documentary.
Due to the nature of the course and the practical tasks our participants undertake, there are a maximum of six places available on each course. Equipment will be provided, but please bring a laptop or notebook with you.

What will the training cover?
- A detailed introduction to the Audio-Visual equipment available for loan and use at the Digital Humanities Lab, looking at video and audio production and effective use, including professional quality video camera functionality; - Basic interview techniques; - Preparing to film, filming a recce and filming an interview on location; - Effective lighting for different scenarios; - Basic sound production.
The training will enable you to: - Prepare and film your own research interviews or film your first documentary using a wide range of equipment; - Gain introductory skills in professional video production; - Attend further training in video editing with us, Video production for research and documentary (beginners) part II editing and post-production.
Open to staff and students of the College of Humanities, University of Exeter.
A handout will be provided following the course in order to support you in creating your video.
Please bring a packed lunch, a 30 minute lunch break is included in the schedule.

Video production for research and documentary (beginners), University of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab begivenhet

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