laurdag, 20. april 2019, Tweedbank Community Centre, Let's Go by Two Detectives

fra 20. april 2019 - 14:00 inntil 15:00

Tweedbank Community Centre

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An adventure story with song, speech, movement, touch, smell, and big, beautiful visuals, we are taken on a voyage over the sea, to a strange land and a stranger castle, where an extremely sneaky queen plays a ***** on us!
Let’s Go is made specially for people with Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). It unfolds slowly, usingrepetition, to allow for the time it may take some audience members to process information. Let’s Go is fun and full of giggles and mischief.
The production was first developed by Naomi Kelly, one of Two Detectives’ artistic directors, as part of an artist residency with Cove Park and Parklands School (Helensburgh) - a school for students with PMLD. Over two weeks Naomi worked with four young people in the school, and their teacher and support staff, responding to what these young people found relaxing,pleasant, exciting and fascinating to make this piece.
*Let’s Go was recently performed for audiences at Orchard Brae School as part of Aberdeen Performing Arts’  Light The Blue Festival 2018*
Suitable for ages 6+

Let's Go by Two Detectives, Tweedbank Community Centre begivenhet

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